The products that an equestrian uses are often one of the keys to success. As a representative of my business and sport, my goals with sponsorship are not only to receive benefits from developing partnerships with companies, but to align myself with products I entirely believe in. From feed to tack, I would be entirely lost without my key products. 

I've also been incredibly fortunate to have private sponsorship by an individual family.  The sports of dressage and three-day eventing are both incredibly expensive and Huxley has been able to make it as far as she has thanks to the help of her sponsors. 


Syndication & Ownership

Owning a share in a horse is just one of the many way that you can get involved with our team. That being said, owning a share of a horse is also one of the most rewarding journeys out there. Whether you're interested in purchasing a share in a horse, or having your horse be trained and campaigned by Huxley, there are options available. 

Current Sponsors


Stubben North America:

Huxley's first saddle at the age of 8 was a Stubben Rex. Since then, she has stayed loyal to  the brand. Stubben saddles have taken her from her first pony, her first jump, her first recognized horse trial, to her first CCI* and more. Huxley stands behind the product 100% and highly recommends Stubben saddles and products. Huxley is thrilled to have a partnership with Stubben North America and hopes to continue promoting the brand for years to come.